[ENG] My Christmas

The sun is rising on an orphanage of handicapped children. It is Christmas. A small, crippled child asks: “Why do we celebrate Christmas if everything is so bad?” Another little girl answers in a sweet voice: “That is exactly the reason that Jesus came to the earth”.

She is right. We can in fact, thank God that while he looked down from His sanctuary on high in Heaven, observing the earth and listening to the groans of the prisoners, of the desolate, he sent Jesus, the best of Heaven to free the worst of the earth, those condemned to death (Ps. 102:19-20). He left his glory and a host of angels who served Him to come and be born on the earth in a stable. He lived in poverty, did manual labor with his own two hands, and nevertheless, divided history.

As a newborn he made a king tremble; as a child he put learned men to shame; as a grown man he commanded the forces of nature; opened the eyes of the blind and resurrected the dead. He never composed a song, and yet He is the subject of countless songs by thousands of composers. The names of great men have appeared and disappeared, but the name of Jesus, surpassing the millenniums, has never been considered as something of the past but always of the present. If we were to remove all the most illustrious names from the history books, the world would continue to turn, but if we remove Jesus’ name, we would have nothing left.

The historic Christmas of the Bible is of utmost importance because the long awaited Messiah was born, the hope of all mankind, redemption, forgiveness, peace, life and salvation. His life, from His birth to His resurrection, had its peak at his ascension with the glorious entry into the Kingdom of Heaven. Yesterday when He was born, He wasn’t in a hotel, wasn’t in the king’s palace, wasn’t in any house of Israel…

Today he will not be under anyone’s tree, in any nativity scene, just as He won’t be in any magnificently decorated cathedral. He will only be, as always, in the humble heart of the believer. That believer, whoever he may be, who felt the emptiness of his heart, who felt desolate and prisoner of a life without sense and felt the need of the Saviour and to be saved.

The value of the birth of Jesus where we are concerned is confirmed in the words which He says to us even today: “Verily, verily I say unto you that unless a man be born again he can not see the Kingdom of God(John 3:3). This is the culmination of our spiritual birth, our Christmas, the entrance into His kingdom.

Have you been born again?

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